Production assistance


Laser, water jet and plasma are the most common types of cutting when it comes to cutting metal of all types. We can help you decide which works best for your parts based on budget, quantity and lead time. 

Bending and forming

When it comes to sheet metal there's two main types of forming, press brakes and folders. Each has their strengths and we can help with that decision. Many shops today have the latest equipment where you can upload a CAD model of the formed parts, eliminating guesswork on the forming process while improving the speed at which parts are made. 

  For tube fabricating the same can be said, a simple 3D model is all that's needed to receive finished parts that are laser notched and bent per specifications.

CNC milll & lathe

Many of our components are sent to a CNC shop for cutting. We partner with multiple shops to get you the best process for part type, from a simple 3-axis to complex 3D contouring on 5-axis machines.

Finished components

Through our partnerships with multiple vendors we're able to supply you with finished goods, eliminating you from having to source a capable shop for your products. We only work with the best vendors that meet our strict guidelines.